The Tender Gender

Three friends decide to face their financial crisis by deceiving women in the name of love to get what they need. Mahmoud is able to deceive a girl and get her money. He then decides to give the money back to her and to confess his love for her.

1h 52min
  • محمد عبدالعزيز (مخرج ) مدكور ثابت
  • Mohamed Abdelaziz
  • ماجدة
  • سمير غانم
  • سمير صبري
  • عادل إمام
  • ليلى حمادة
  • حياة قنديل
  • Samir Sabri
  • Adel Emam
  • Shwikar
  • Samir Ghanem
  • Layla Hamada

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