The Great Adventure

Yassin is a fame-seeker who makes a deal with the lawyer, Samir, to falsely confess to a famous murder, in the hopes that the media attention will benefit them both, as Samir proves Yassin's innocence at the last moment. But when Yassin is implicated in the crime, Samir has to find the real killer to save him.

1h 32min
  • محمود فريد (مخرج) جمال الدماطي
  • Mahmoud Farid
  • حسن يوسف
  • فريد شوقى
  • نجوى فؤاد
  • مديحة سالم
  • جمال اسماعيل
  • Farid Shawqy
  • Nagwa Fouad
  • Aziza Helmy

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