Sayed The Servant

The fugitive Sayed seeks refuge with his uncle who works as a cook for a wealthy family. When the family's daughter gets divorced for the third time, the family enlist Sayed's help to marry her as a mohallel so she could reunite with her husband.

1h 17min
  • حسين كمال
  • Hussein Kamal
  • عادل إمام
  • عمر الحريري
  • رجاء الجداوي
  • مصطفى متولي
  • مشيرة إسماعيل
  • سوسن بدر
  • Adel Emam
  • Sawsan Badr
  • Moshira Ismaeil
  • Ragaa Al Geddawy
  • Mustafa Metwalli

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