Max & Antar

Max (Elie Mitri), a Lebanese rich man who works in USA and made great achievements in the stock market business in Wall Street, found himself broke and homeless with his spoiled dog (Antar). He's now back in Beirut after becoming poor and jobless. Thanks to his smart and trained dog, Max is now hired in a security company in Beirut. “Antar” is a very smart and trained dog. We see him helping Max in cooking, washing dishes, cleaning the house, shopping their needs, and even paying the bills. Max and his dog Antar will help the beautiful girl “Nadia” (Cynthia Khalife) and her little brother “Adam” (Karim Zein) in order to rescue their father who got kidnapped because he is trying to found the first trash recycling factory of its kind in Lebanon which put him in confrontation with some corrupt parties who do not want for this

1h 34min
  • Imad Jandali Rifai
  • Elie Metri
  • Cynthia Karam
  • Majdi Mashmoushi

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