A Witness Who Hasn't Seen Anything

Sirhan Abdel Baseer is an inoffensive, peaceful man who is an actor on children's a television show. On the show he plays rabbit, a character that starts to affect his personal life. He becomes distant from reality and his problems to the extent to which he kills his neighbor who works as a dancer. Headed by detective Ahmed Abdel Salaam the police begin an investigation of the murder. The police raid Sirhan's apartment, and during investigations, pressure and force him to testify in court even though he never witnessed the incident in the first place.

1h 13min
  • هاني مطاوع (إخراج مسرحي) محمد فاضل
  • Mohamed Fadel
  • Hanan Metawea
  • عادل إمام
  • عمر الحريري
  • نظيم شعراوي
  • بدر نوفل
  • سعيد طرابيك
  • ناهد جبر
  • Adel Imam
  • Omar El-Hariri
  • Nazim Shaarawy

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