Antar Holding His Sword

In a village in Upper Egypt, Antar lives off of his wife, who faces pressure to sell her land to Medhat. Antar travels to Italy to make money through a job contract, which he discovers is fake after arriving in Rome, where he gets manipulated by a director to act in porn films. He returns home and begins his struggle with his wife against Medhat to preserve her land.

1h 50min
  • أحمد السبعاوي
  • عادل إمام
  • مصطفى متولي
  • نورا
  • إبراهيم عبدالرازق
  • حاتم ذو الفقار
  • أحمد بدير
  • Adel Emam
  • Ibrahim Abdulraziq
  • Hatem Zu El-fakar
  • Mustafa Metwalli

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